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Laidlaw Live: St Andrews Music Participation presents Clackmannan District Brass Band
Music from St Andrews

Laidlaw Live: St Andrews Music Participation presents Clackmannan District Brass Band

Please help us continue to provide a digital platform for our performances. To make a donation, please scan the QR code on the screen, or visit LaidlawLiveMusicfromStAndrews Programme Clackmannan District Brass Band Ross Brotherston (conductor) Malaguena Ernesto Lacuona arr Mark Freeh Under the boardwalk Young and Resnick arr Philip Harper March: The Bombardier T.J. Powell Hymn: Abide with Me W.H. Monk arr Karl Jenkins Transc: Peter Graham Batman the Movie (main title theme) Danny Elfmann arr Alan Catherall Clackmannan District Brass Beginners Band Luci Lamb (conductor) Fanfaranette Alan Fernie Pop Star Alan Fernie Rag and Bone Alan Fernie We Will Rock You Queen, arr Alan Fernie Batman Neal Heftie, arr Alan Fernie Clackmannan District Brass Youth and Development Band Luci Lamb (conductor) Hawaii 5-0 Morton Stevens, arr Cameron Mabon Stal Himmel (Steel Skies) Alan Fernie Africa Dave Paich & Jeff Porcaro arr Luci Lamb Pirates of the Caribbean Klaus Badelt arr Cameron Mabon Clackmannan District Brass Band Ross Brotherston (conductor) The Aeronauts Goff Richards Combined Bands Luci Lamb (conductor) Take on Me Morten Harket, Paul Waaktar, Magne Furuholmen, arr Lucy Lamb Clackmannan District Brass Band Clackmannan District Brass Band was formed in October 1991 as a result of the amalgamation of the Alloa Burgh and Alva Town bands – last year marked our 30th anniversary! Throughout the year the band organises and performs in regular concerts as well as some smaller group engagements, events and occasions. It has adopted Strathcarron Hospice as their "sponsored" charity – having the honour of meeting Princess Anne as well as accompany the Strathcarron Singers on many occasion. The band has had a great deal of contesting success over the years, representing Scotland at the National Championships on no fewer than 3 occasions, also winning the accolade to be named ‘Band of the Year’ on three occasions; 2002, 2008 & 2012. Our most recent ‘big’ win was at the Scottish Challenge Shield in November 2017. Where we were not only named best 1st section band, but won the overall contest; beating 23 other bands from across Scotland. As an organisation we have grown in the past few years. We now consist of the main ’senior’ contesting band, our community Ensemble group (conducted by our Solo Trombone player John Muir), our Youth & Development section and our newly formed Beginners Band (both under the musical direction of our Solo Euphonium player Luci Lamb). During our enforced break due to COVID the band had to relocate to a new, better suited premises at the Makers Village, Alloa - this move has enabled the bands to get back playing much sooner than our old hall was ever going to permit. It also lends itself to nurture the progression of our new beginners and youth & development sections - giving more space for our members to socialise as well as enabling family members to attend rehearsals to see and hear how well their child/ children are progressing. Beginner Band Our beginner band was formed in 2021 - players had been recruited through the StAMP project. With all joining full of enthusiasm to be part of a band. The organisation’s Christmas concert in 2021 was the first public performance for our beginners - they did a superb job, playing together beautifully in 4 or 5 parts with no nerves in sight! The band is continuing to grow - with the addition of 6 new beginners from the StAMP project in March this year. The band is becoming so popular, that siblings are also signing up to learn- following in their footsteps. Thanks to the formation of the beginner band, we now have opportunities for all brass musicians, regardless of age or ability, to pick up an instrument and join the Clackmannan District Brass organisation. The opportunity for development and progression is there for everyone. With a number of players participating in more than one of our bands. We would like to add what a privilege it is to have been included within the StAMP project – it has enabled us to create an additional feeder band, as well as help to secure the future of brass banding in Clackmannanshire. Youth and Development Band Forming in 2016 with just a handful of young musicians, the band has grown in strength and number- comprising of a wide range of ages and abilities. Alongside our school age members, the band includes adult learners and more experienced players to share their knowledge and skills. The senior bands younger back row players sit within the more challenging solo cornet & flugel sections to help improve their playing skills whilst enhancing their confidence. The band kept in touch virtually throughout the COVID lockdown. A particular highlight was the video advent calen…
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